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Wedding Flowers

I love colour, I love texture, I love shape and form, I LOVE design! Most of all I love using these elements to create the most amazing bespoke wedding flowers for you.

With my strong fashion design background I follow trends keeping up to date with next season's colours, texture and direction.

As a designer I work with visuals. I'll sketch the designs, I'll create moodboards and colour pallets just for you and your day. These moodbaords are yours for you to share with your cake supplier, stationary supplier even your bridal party to create a cohesive theme for your day.

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How do we go about designing and creating your flowers? It all starts with a casual chat over a nice pot of tea...cake is usually involved at this stage! You tell me all about you, about your wedding, your venue tell me about your hobbies, tell me about your other halves hobbies too. I want to hear all of your ideas! Inspired with this information I can start to piece together the story of your day in flowers. Don't worry if you don't know your daffodils from your dandelions that's what I'm here for, lets work out which flowers you love and how they work for you together.

So what are you waiting for get in touch and let's design your perfect flowers together.

Footwear Designer to Wedding Florist

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